Monday, May 31, 2004


During the memorial day weekend, it was a nice and sunny day so we decided to go to Legoland with brother in-law's family. When we pulled in to pay for parking we realized that everyone else had the same idea and the line started before reaching the parking lot. Once we get inside the park, average wait for a popular ride is 45-60 minutes but the kids surprisingly did not complain as much with the help of some distractions such as map reading and snacking. In our party, the men however,were not as patient. They wished that they were some where else, and doing something else besides standing in line. I guess as a mom and a wife, I should have anticipated hubby's restlessness and bring some distractions also such as car and driver, motor trend or sport illustrated magazines. Hubby said that he rather go shopping at the near by outlet mall so we left the park around 3PM and went to the outlet mall. S was so exhausted that she fell asleep while snacking on dry ramen noodles at the outlet mall. Overall it was ok. We all got tan and decided to go during winter when no one goes.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Weekend Flog

This week is almost over. I managed to eat home made lunches for the pass 5 days and didn't have any Starbucks coffee. OK. This is quite an accomplishment because I usually go out at least once a week. I'm not saying it was an easy feat because temptations are constantly testing my commitment to the healthier lifestyle.
A. Candy bowl
B. Donuts on Fridays
C. People's good intention

Case in point. Conversation with a co-worker name K.
K: Hey Sam, would you like to try some Hersey caramel kisses chocolate?
Me: No thank.
K: It's reaaaalllly goood and tasty...
Me: I know it's good but no thank you.
K: Are you sure... just try one.
Me: No thanks.
Thank goodness that the conversation was interrupted by a phone call to K so the persuasion campaign stopped.
In retrospect, I should have just taken the kiss, throw it my drawer and save it for an emergency disaster.
I'll try that next time.

After two weeks of healthy eating,
I learned the following things about myself:
1) I've learned to like cottage cheese with fruit. It's actually quick and easy source of protein.
2) Plain yogurt taste better with blueberries. I couldn't really taste the 17g of sugar that they claim is in there.
3) Brown rice doesn't taste as good as jasmine rice even after two weeks of giving it a chance. I feel like I'm eating beans. I get tired of chewing and throw away half of what I put in a bowl.

Facts on Caramel Macchiato which used to be my favorite:
Fat :2g or 0.7 zone block
Carb :40g or 4.4 zone block
Protein :14g or 2 zone block

Overall CM is not as bad as I thought. It'll take me 25 minutes to run it off at 5 miles/hour. May be I'll asked them to cut half the sugar and that will bring it to be zone friendly and less work on my part. On second thought,it will not taste as good so mind as well skip it and drink water instead.
I recall from two books that I read which say that it takes between 3-10 weeks to form or break a habit (good or bad). Next two weeks are critical. Once I make it through next two weeks, I know the newly developed healthier habit will be easier to sustain. When I started spinning back in October, it was difficult to go twice a week. Now, it's almost second nature and I look forward to the class every week.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Tattoo part two

Thursday night, I asked S about her task of asking the teacher the key question. Why? The reasons are two fold.
1. I know where to get the tattoo for her as rewards when she does well.
2. She has this tendencies that she talks only with the kids in her school but not with the teachers so this is my way encouraging her to communicate more with the teachers.
So I asked her.
Me: Did you ask teacher Tamika where she got the tattoos?
S: I asked teacher Charmaine and she said the sticker store.
Me: Excellent!
She showed me her left arm and she got a new tattoo.
S: Mom look... I got another one and this one is better.
Me: How so?
S: It doesn't have any cracks and it feels rough. Not like the Powerpuff tattoo.
Me: I see..
At bath time, she scrubbed off the Powerpuff tattoo and she was happy with the new one that didn't have any cracks. As of today, the tatto is still on.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

site meter

Anyone knows how to add free site meter to blog?

I kept getting the following error messsage when I tried.

The Blogger web site is currently experiencing some difficulties. Site Meter can't be added to your template at this time.


Interesting !!

Since my tattoo blog, I noticed the ads on top are about Powerpuff.
One is Powerpuff girls the other is Powerpuff watches. Before that it was about food etc. So it takes a day or so for the ads to reflect the content of the blog. I was hoping for some origami sites but it didn't work for some reasons. hm...
Will continue my experimentation.

On a side note, it's not easy to incorporate another workout day in the week. New strategy is to efficiently burn calories with the two sessions that I've so far.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


When I came home from work last night, I walked in the door and S (the daughter) jumped out of the couch and she was extremely excited to see me. Usually she's more in to TV and barely acknowledge my entrance.
S: Mommy..Mommy...
Me: Hello..
S: Mommy, look.. Mommy, look.. (She showed me the inside of her forearm and yes she repeat things sometimes more than twice which gets on my nerves)
Me: Nice PowerPuff tattoo... Where did you get it?
S: Teacher Tamika put it on with water and when she put the tattoo on it didn't hurt at all because it's not the needle kind.
Me:That looks cool...
S: Why are there cracks on the tattoo?
Me: Oh.. It's because the tattoo is really thin, not flexible and your skin is flexible so it forms cracks when your skin stretches.
S: What does thin means?
Me: Thin is the opposite of thick.
S: What does thick means?
Me: Paper is thin, A book is thick.
S: Why are there cracks on my tattoo?
Me: Don't worry about it, it's suppose to have cracks since it's not meant to be permanent like the needle type tattoo.
S: What's permanent?
Me: Permanent means it stays on your skin for ever and ever and ever.
S: I want mine to stay on for ever. Will it come off when I take a bath?
Me: This type will come off but it's OK because we'll put on another one once I figure out where to but the temporary tattoo
S: Teacher Tamika had other types of tattoo like Johnny Bravo, and Kids next door.
Me: Good. So when you go to school tomorrow, please ask Teacher Tamika where she bought the tattoo.

We'll see if the mission will be a success.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


When I was a child, I used to know how to make lots of Origami things. I got to find a good book so I can show S how to make them.
I enjoyed it as a child and I hope she does too.

Also thinking about getting the School house rock DVD

Monday, May 24, 2004

Custom Advertising

As I was looking at my web page, I noticed that the two advertising on the top "powered by Google" was about the following:
1)"Burn Fat and Calorie Now"
2)"Calorie Blocker"
Is there some kind of content tracking device that look for key word so the ads reflect my blog? That is scary because I do not endorse those product so please ignore that area of the page.
On Noodle's page which is mostly about flying, Google advertise the following:
1) First flight collectible
2) Kitty Hawk at

I will track the ads and see if it changes with my topics.

Weekend Movies

I saw Kill Bill Vol:2 and Shrek 2 at the theater this weekend.
Kill Bill Vol:2 was even better than Vol:1. It provided the reasoning behind her actions in Volume 1. More Kung-fu fighting, some Samurai sword fight. Highly recommended. I'll rent it when it's on DVD so hubby can see it.
Shrek was also good. This was S's second time experiencing the theater effect. When she was two years old, she thought the speakers were too loud but this time it didn't bother her and she enjoyed the movie more because she comprehends the plot of the story. She likes the ogre version of Shrek and Fiona instead of the "Happily Ever After" version.
I can't believe that matinee tickets are between $6.50 to $7.50 for adults these days. I still remember matinee being $3.50 as if it was yesterday. No wonder these movies are making billions in one weekend.

Another accomplishment is that I stayed in the zone for 5 days and close to the zone for 7 days. My strategy is to consume what I plan to burn off and eat healthy 80% of the time.

Next Step: Stay in the zone for one more week.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I'm re-learning to live a healthy life style again. So far so good. Short term goal is to sustain it for 1 week. Weekend is going to be a challenge since I'm visiting my parents so I will plan out a strategy to stick with my 1 week goal.
What I re-learned so far:
1) Cottage cheese taste ok when it's mixed with fruits.
2) Plain yogurt is very... sour.
3) I only need 2000 calories/day to sustain status quo.
4) 1 pound of fat = 3500 calories so theoretically if one burns 500 cal/day, it will take 7 days to burn off one single pound of fat. Will think twice before putting fat in my mouth.

Options available for me to burn 500 cal/day are:
A) Vigorous stationary biking for 42 min.
B) Stair stepping for 72 min.
C) Step aerobics, low impact for 64 min.
D) Walking @ the speed of 3 miles/hour for 1.6 hours
E) Run @ the speed of 5 miles/hour for 50 min.
F) Run @ the speed of 6 miles/hour for 46 min.

In retrospect since I spin twice a week for 30 min vigerously each session, I only burn 720 calories/ week which is only 20% of 3500 cal and I thought was melting away in sweat and heat. This explains why I didn't see any improvements.

Short term goal is to exercise 3 times/ week. and the 3rd session goal is to burn 350-400 calories. Stair stepping for 1 hour is an option.

Got to step it up and increase the activities.. in baby steps of course.
Another path is eat less so there's less to burn. "In and out, In & out, that's what a fit body is all about"

Monday, May 17, 2004

Food log or flog

As a result of reading a blog about In & Out burger animal style, I wanted to try it "animal style". The blog was posted on April 29th and it was still on my mind on Saturday May 15th.
As hubby and S played in the pool Saturday morning and I sat by the pool journaling to expel my frustration build up during the week,it was approaching lunch time so
Hub: What are we having for lunch?
Me: What about In & out?
S: I want to go to a restaurant.
Hub: OK
After they wash up, we went to In & out and had lunch. It tasted really good. I haven't had it for a really long time. I can't recall the last time I went. I've always correlate in& out with my friend Steve who loves it with a passion.
After lunch, we went to check out CostPlus and I was feeling the aftermath of the cheese burger and fries. I felt tired and lethargic. Lots of yawning so when we got home, I took a nap with S. When I woke up from the nap, I can feel a head ache coming and I'm just not feeling normal.
I managed to fix dinner but after that the head ache was taking over and I attributed it to eating greasy food. As I lay on my bed thinking the pain away, I re-called years ago, I had the same head ache when I ate some deep fried greasy chicken wings. Never again.
If my mom was around, I would ask her to use the Indonesian method of kerik (coin and tiger balm) and get the bad wind out of my body.
Hine sight is always 20/20.
I went back and check out the carb, protein & fat breakdown of what I ate (Cheese burger & frenchfries) that caused my body to say " I don't like what you are doing!".
Are you ready?
Fat: 45 grams or 10 zone blocks or 41.5%
Protein: 29 grams or 4 zone blocks or 17.0%
Carb : 93 grams or 10 zone blocks or 41.5%

That was too much fat and carb for one meal. No wonder I was lethargic and felt sick for the rest of the day.

They do have the Atkin friendly version where you substitute buns with lettuce leaves. If I had that instead here's the breakdown
Fat: 33 grams or 11 zone blocks or 50%
Protein: 29 grams or 4 zone blocks or 18.2%
Carb: 65 grams or 7 zone blocks or 31.8%
This still has too much fat for one meal.
So I publish this blog to jog my memory in the event I crave in & out again sometime down the road.

Sunday, May 16, 2004


I saw Kill Bill volume I yesterday and it's really good. I can't wait to see Volume II. Quintin brought me back to my childhood(70's) when my parents took me to see martial art movies in Indonesia. The music in Kill Bill was so 70's and the cellphones were hilariously gigantic. When Uma wears Bruce Lee's famous yellow outfit during the serious butt kicking scenes, it reminded me of Bruce Lee fighting Kareem. He captured the flavors of that era which makes him extra-ordinary.
I recalled going to the movies almost every weekend. On weekends, my folks either go to the movies or play ma-jong. With my mom, aunt & grand ma, I saw the Chinese romantic dramas. With dad, I saw shao-lin kung-fu movies. One that came to mind was the drunken master with Jackie Chen before he was an international star. After the movie, my bother would mimic Jackie and pretend to be the drunken master. Jackie Chen has been in the industry for over 30 years. His comical style was established back then and it still works for today's audience.
I miss good Chinese kung-fu movies..
Thanks Quintin for sharing your love for martial art movies with the rest of the world.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Dimsum blog

Check out Mir's Thursday blog by clicking on the title "Dimsum blog". It's funny.

Thursday, May 13, 2004


I went to the grocery store yesterday and noticed that white corn was 5 for $1.00 so I bought some for me and some for mom and dad 'cause I know dad likes corn.
I called my mom about it this morning on the cell while I drive to work.
Note Chinese are italicized.

Dad: Hello?
Me : Hi dad, did I wake you?
Dad: It's OK.
Me : Please tell mom that I bought some corn and it will be in S's cubby
Dad: Corn?
Me : Yes, Corn, it was on sale... 5 for $1.00
Dad: Oh.. CORN. (handing phone over to mom)
Mom: Hello
Me : Mom, There will be some corn for you in S's cubby. Don't forget to take it home
Mom: Corn?
Me : You know Corn, jagung.. (I had to resort to Indonesian)
Mom: Oh.. Is it for vegetable soup?
Me : huh..No, it's for you and dad
Mom: The kids are making vegetable soup today, didn't Summer tell you?
Me : No.
Mom: OK. Bye..

I'm all confused and hoping that I made my point across.

Later, after talking to hubby and I found out that S had signed up to bring broccoli to school today for make a vegetable soup.
She did not even peeped a word about it.
There's seems to be communication breakdown between parents, kid and teacher.
Luckily Corn was there to the rescue.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Finally, H sent me an email announcing his wedding. Wilea is beautiful site for a wedding. Hopefully, he'll post pictures from the wedding on his website.
Now about me.
This news of the baby of the L family is getting hitched basically tells me that I'm getting old and what else is there to look forward to?
As I get older, my metabolism slows down. Unless I'm modify my eating habit, and take better care of my skin, I will look old.
Why is being old a negative thing or at least that what came to mind?
Will I ever be happy with what I have or complain about what is out of my control such as aging?
I will follow Oprah's lead and accept my age and be proud of what aging has done for me.
I remember when hubby hit the big 40 he felt something different mentally but to me he's still the same person as when he was @ 39.
Noodle is right, it's all mental..

Sunday, May 09, 2004


Mom and Dad came by our house for Mother's day and we had gado-gado (Indonesian Salad) for lunch. Like usual, dad was falling asleep on the couch with the Spanish wrestling channel on while mom and I were in the kitchen preparing food.
It was a nice relaxing & quiet luncheon.
I think I'll do it again next year instead of going out to a restaurant.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Friday, May 07, 2004

Lunch with po-po

When I came home last night, S was laying on the couch watching Barney sucking her thumb. I noticed a batman toy with the Mickey D emblem was sitting on the couch so I asked my daughter.

Me: So.. where did you go to lunch to day?
S: Po-po took me to Mc Donald...
Me: I see.. so.. what did you have at Mc Donald?
S: Mmmm... chicken nuggets..
Me: How many?
S: One...
Me: How many did popo have?
S: Three. She was hungry so I share my nuggets with her.
Me: You only ate ONE? Did you eat anything else?
S: French Fries.. Do you know what I like best about school?
Me: No, what is it?
S: Nap time..

Thank you mom for taking care of S.

Happy Mothers Day.

See you Sunday


Last night was full of excitement.
Hubby came home and complained about stomach cramp. So he was lounging and taking medication trying to relive the pain. Normally he's quite busy with tending the garden etc.. He was officially out of commision.
Since it's survivor night, I didn't' really have time to console him ( this is what I would do normally, if there's no survivor) because my plan was to have dinner cooked, kitchen cleaned up & daughter (S) bathed before 8:00 o'clock.

So me: " I'll make some wonton soup and that will make you feel better :) "
Hubby: mm...

To save time, I thought cleverly, I have left over mac n cheese from CPK from Tuesday night. I'll just warm it up and get SS started with dinner and that will save some time. Note that S eats veeeery slooooww.
Finally, dinner is served, hubby had no appetite so he lounged some more as S and I finished dinner. I gave her a bath came back down and
YES, it's only 7:40 PM, in my mind " there's time to do the dishes" " Hubby ate some wontons. Effort didn't all go to waste.. "
After dinner, I gave S half a banana because I noticed she hasnt' had a BM (bowel movement) yet today. Very important even for mom you know.

We all watched survivor and I'm so disappointed that Rob won both reward and immunity challenges. I don't understand why Tom didn't strategically vote Rob off when he had the power of immunity. Lack of leadership and strategic planning skill?
At this time, hubby's contractions, I mean cramps comes and go so he's still not over it but in a better mood.
I prepared milk for S to drink before going to bed. We do this routinely and she said in a whiney manner

S: "I don't want milk, my tummy hurts".
In my mind, here's one of her excuse for not wanting to eat.
Me : " You have to drink it !! or no Lion King"
S: " I want Lion King"
Me : " Then you must drink milk"

I gave her the sippy cup, she drank 1/3 and started to cry, then..
whoa... she threw up all over her hair, her shirt and the floor. Everthing she had consumed that evening all came out.

S crying: "Mommy... I'm stinky...."
Me: " I'm sorry... let's clean you up"

Poor hubby had to clean up the mess on the floor while I give her another bath. Thanks Hub!! you are the best :P.
This morning, I offer her a small apple and she ate half and went off to grandma's house with hubby. Hopefully she'll fell better today.

Lessons learned?
1) I will listen to my daughter more and not force her to eat when she's not feeling well. This is not an easy task because she's very good at playing me to get what she wants and some how I'll find a way to discern truths from lies
2) Never give her leftover from CPK again.
3) I will apologize to her when I get home.