Monday, April 30, 2007

Carnival & 4th annual garage sale

On Friday, Danielle's school had a carnival. In fact, most of the folks I talked to who have kids also have carnivals in their kids's school. I naively signed up to volunteer because I got the 3rd notice in her weekly folder that no parents from her class sign up to volunteer for the carnival. My assignment was in the price booth where kids turn in their tickets for little prizes such as spiders, tattoos etc. At first I was in the 20-50 tickets section so it was pretty peaceful since a few kids had that many tickets. When I got my first 50 tickets customer, she wanted a brown tiger with black stripes. Facing the customers, the prizes are neatly organized in a wooden box with glass cover and each stuff animals has it's on ID numbers. Behind the scene however, stuff animals were disorganized. I was told to look in a bin mixed with all the other toys and tools. After searching for the brown tiger with black stripe for 5 minutes, I told her we didn't have that one and brought her to the bin so she can pick one.
later on I move to the 2 ticket portion and it was hectic and crazy. There was no lines so everyone just frantically waiving their tickets in my face and wanted their prizes. Boy was I glad when my shift was over. Now I know why the other parents didn't want to volunteer.

I decided to participate in our yearly garage sale last weekend and sold some of the baby stuff clothes, toys and adult shoes that we never wore. I encaurage Danielle to sell her old toys but she only picked out one stuff animal to sell and no one bought it. Now we have a little more room in the garage. Mom and Dad stopped by and went shopping. They were really happy to score some bargains printer, luggages and lamp.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yesterday, I loured my coworkers to eat tortas (Mexican Sandwich) at El Gallo Giro with Aqua fresca. I was told by my Mexican coworker and friend that being at that restaurant is no different than being in Mexico City. The order taker is also the one making the sandwiches so it took a while (25 min) to get our sandwiches. Once we paid the lady, then we go to the Aqua fresca bar to get our drinks which is a seperate line. Needless to say, there's some efficiency issue with their production process.
I ordered ham sandwich and it was OK. Next time, I'll order either carnitas or asada. The sandwich was heavy so all of us was sleepy after lunch and needed a siesta badly. I only ate half the bread and cheese because it was so.. filling.

I signed Danielle up for chess last week and forgot to tell her about it so yesterday was the 1st day that she went to chess club. She told me that she's the only girl in the club and she played chess with the assistant teacher with the same name. She said the hour went by quickly so it sounded like something she likes to do.

We got our hamster, DJ a larger home shaped like a strawberry and a hamster litter box hoping that she'll poop and pee in there.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

DJ is missing

This morning as I blowdrying my hair before getting ready for work, hubby came to me and said
H: "Did you feed the hamster last night?"
Me: " NO, I forgot.. Is DJ ok?"
H: "She's no longer in the cage, the cage door was open"
Me: sigh of relief... "I thought it died of hunger because I didn't feed it last night"

The cage is in the upstairs laundry room so we searched between the washer and the dryer, in the washer, in the laundry basket with clothes and no DJ.
Danielle checked under the beds and DJ wasn't there either.

D: "Is DJ going to die?"
Me: "No. We'll leave some food on the laundry room floor so she can eat when she gets hungry."
D: "If we don't find DJ can we get a new hamster?"
Me: "Don't worry, we'll find her sooner or later"

Hubby had to leave for work and tasked Danielle and I to look for the hamster. When he got to the main floor, he said "I FOUND her! She's in the office!" We all under estimated DJ's ability to escape.
He quickly put her back in her cage and left for work as Danielle scolded DJ in a nice way and told her not leave her cage anymore. DJ was really hungry so she stuffed both her cheeks with food and went into her igloo. I'm so glad we found her before I left for work this morning.

Our camera broke so the new one is on it's way. I'll post pictures of DJ soon.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

1st grader Science project

Danielle has been asked to do a science project. It's due in the middle of May and parents are encaurage to help them. She wants to do a volcano and I want to do something simple and educational. Any recommendation from my dear readers?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time after time

I recently heard an updated version of Cyndi Lauper's Time after time on the Sirius radio while driving to work and I much prefer the original version.
The song took me back to the eighties, I was a high school Senior on the dance floor slow dancing to "Time after time" with a young man name Michael who was interested in me. Thinking back to those days, what I thought was logical now sounds utterly rediculous. He was a nice guy but I, a Senior could NEVER go out with a Sophomore. I, like everyone else who cared about peer pressure had a reputation to live up to.
Michael, if you happened to read this blog entry (likelyhood is slim to 0), I'm sorry for not giving you a chance because you are younger than me. I hope you didn't take it personally because I was the one with issue.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hubby was working again this pass Saturday and luckily mother in law was available to watch Secondo for me so I did some yoga before getting my hair done. Before my hair appointment, I dropped Danielle off to her cousin's house so they could play together. Their spring break was one week apart so they weren't able to hang outas much as we had originally planned.
As far as my hair, I had a cut and also red highlights which took a total of 3 hours. I was starving by the time my hair was done so I got some boba milk tea and Chinese sweet bread (puo luo pao) for lunch.
I watered dad's plants and got 2 bags of loquats from his trees. He covered some with newspapers so the birds won't get to them before we do. I was so excited to picked out some big and juicy ones. Danielle and his cousin H love loquat so much that we only have a few left to take home. May be We'll visit my parents again this coming weekend so we can get some more.
On Sunday, it was cold and overcasted so we stayed home and relaxed. I made Tom yum kung and soy sauce chicken for dinner. Before bed, I hid some plastic eggs inside the house for Danielle and Secondo to hunt. Hubby and I watched part of the movie Sideways and I can't wait to finish it.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring is here

I've been really busy and stress at work lately that I have not had time to document my life.
I have to admit that I have not been eating healthy for the pass month and I see the result on my gut. Main motivation is my boot camp instructor got back from maternity leave last Saturday and her waist is smaller than mine and she had a baby only 2 months ago. This week, I'm back to bringing home lunch instead of eating out and eating less rice and noodles. Mom and Dad are in Taiwan so I won't have any of her home made food for a while.
Hubby and I had parent teacher conference with Danielle's substitute teacher and Danielle is doing really well in school. Her class got really lucky that the substitute teacher is equal or better than her home teacher. To me, the sub is more personable and had more to say about Danielle's day to day behavior in class. I expressed my concern that she's shy and I hope her teacher could help Danielle to be less shy. The sub told me that she would pick Danielle when ever she raised her hand up to share or answer questions.