Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Got Rice?

Lately, I have no motivation to eat vegetables. I wanted rice so I made 3 cups of Indonesian Fried rice last Sunday and it tasted so... good. I shared it with our next door neighbor couple who also love Indonesian Fried rice. I so missed the smell and the taste of fried rice with Sambal (Chili paste). My neighbor made ribs so the two dishes complemented each other well along with some wine. We opened a bottle of green Hungarian from Wilson Creek and really liked it. It's sweet and not too dry.
My dad also loves fried rice, Chinese, Indonesian or Thai so genetically, I'm doomed.
Today, I went to Chipotle with some coworkers and had a chicken burrito in a bowl. It was really tasty and filling.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Secondo loves popsicle

Lately, Secondo has made the association of sitting on the high chair with Popsicle and my dear reader wonder why such strange association? Well, lately with daylight savings, by the time dinner is prepared by me and served by me, there’s just enough day light for Secondo and I to enjoy a little outdoor, one on one . I’ve been feeding her in the back yard while she run explored and played. The other benefit from our time together is that hubby and Danielle were able to dine in peace. With Secondo on the dinner table, rarely we have a peaceful meal. When she’s done with dinner, we went back in the dining room and I put her on the high chair next to me. Usually by then, Danielle is done with her dinner and she’ll get a Popsicle for dessert and of course Secondo would asked and get one also while I eat my dinner, most of the time in peace while she enjoys her dessert.
Last Thursday, we deviated from eating in the back yard and I put her on the chair to eat dinner with the rest of the clan. She refused to eat and threw the bowl of rice on the floor and said “ I want Popsicle… Orange Popsicle mommy..” I asked Danielle to explain to Secondo our Popsicle rule.
D: “Mei-mei (younger sister), you can get Popsicle only after you finish dinner. No dinner, no Popsicle”
S: “ I want Popsicle mommy.. NO rice. ”
Hubby wasn’t helpful at all when he chimed in and said
H: “Why did you trained her to associate Popsicle with the high chair?”
Me: “It wasn’t my intention to do so. Did you want Popsicle dripping all over your wood floor? I could let her down and explore around the house while the Popsicle drips all over our furniture.”
H: “Just don’t give or buy Popsicle anymore.” His default solution to ALL our problems. Remove, and banish THE item that causes the misbehavior. I wish he could come up with some other solutions that are not so harsh or more creative or funny or useful. Kids are kids and they should enjoy Popsicle once in a while. Unfortunately, at 2 years old, she’s yet to comprehend the concept of empty box in the freezer means no more. With time, she did eat her dinner and forgotten about the Popsicle.
On Friday, when I put her on the chair she was asking for Licorice and I just pretended that I didn’t understand what she was saying.
Danielle is growing up fast. She will be a 2nd grader in 2.5 months. She has gotten much taller than 9 months ago. She’s into Hannah Montana so it’s funny to hear her sing along with the CD. Secondo loves to copies her sister so when Danielle isn’t around, Secondo would get the lyric book and pretend to sing along. This past weekend, we got her the Nintendo DSL after reviewing her report card that showed improvement from the previous semester. She was so excited that she couldn’t sleep the night before. She likes Pokemon Diamonds and Pearl so we got the Pearl at Costco.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Learning to play Tetris

After being entertained by Dimsum Diaries' blog entry of human tetris, it brought back fond memories of many hours spent practicing or mastering the game during my College years. I got the sheet music for the theme song and I'm determined to learn the song within the next 2 weeks and make my own short movie.
Our father's day was pretty low key. We stayed home and did our chores and ordered Thai food from Urban Thai just opened 3 blocks from us. Tom Yum Kung was a tremendous disappointment. I wanted to make my own but I didn't have any galanga or lemon grass on hand so I tried their version. It wasn't spicy or sour, kinda blend and they put bamboo shoots and baby corns in the soup. I also ordered the drunken noodle/ Pad kee mow which is basil and onion stir fried wide noodles. Their version has some sort of brown sauce coating and it also tasted blend. How did I missed the red flag when the waitress didn't provide a spicy scale of 1-10 when I placed the order. My guess is that they are catering to the non-Asian community that we live in.
My next culinary goal is to experiment and learn to make Pad kee mow. It can't be any more difficult than Pad Thai...
So far I have fallen off the wagon of healthy eating. I've been craving for rice and noodles and veggies are just not cutting it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Reality check

I've been in training, learning all last week at work so didn't get a chance to walk during lunch and sat on my ass all day. I look forward this week when I get back to my routine again
Last weekend, we bought a new scale. One of the requirement I wanted was the ability to measure body fat. Last time I measured my body fat was at least 10 years ago.
After hubby programmed in our stats and asked me to step on the scale, I said to my self "Ignorance is bliss, are you sure you want to know how much fat you are carrying? ". The other side of me said "You do want to know where you are at so you can set attainable small goals to keep you going" so I did IT.
When I stepped on that new high tech scale and saw how much body fat I had, I was totally shocked by the number that was starring in my face. I hated that scale and told hubby that he must have programmed it incorrectly. I got off and got back on and the same number showed up. I did not expect to fall in the Athlete category and hoping to fall in the "somewhat fit" category. I went on the web and found the chart below which tells me that I'm in the "acceptable" group which easily can slide into the "Obese" group with a slice of cheese cake or a scoop of ice cream as dessert. I've always thought that I'll fall in the "fitness" category with doing cardio twice a week.
With new knowledge of where I'm at, my short term goal is to reduce body fat to 24%.
Action plan
  1. Eat low fat food
  2. Put a weight lifting program together with hubby
  3. Increase intensity with cardio workout

Classification Women (% fat) Men (% fat)
Essential Fat 10-12% 2-4%
Athletes 14-20% 6-13%
Fitness 21-24% 14-17%
Acceptable 25-31% 18-25%
Obese 32% plus 25% plus
From American Council of exercise

Friday, June 08, 2007

Father's day coming up

I can't believe father's day is this coming weekend. We're going to my nephew's 6th lunch birthday party on Saturday and I'm hoping hubby doesn't have to work so we can take 1 car and save some gas. His theme is Sponge Bob so I'm not getting anything close to the theme. I thought about a transformer but not sure which on he wants. I don't enjoy clothes shopping for boys because of the lack of options.
We may be having dinner Saturday night and celebrate with hubby on Sunday.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Walked 2 days this week and today I remembered to wear my heart rate monitor
Time: 46 min.
Heart rate: 108 beats/min
Calories: 149

It's not much but if I do it 5 times a week it'll add up to be ~ 750 calories
I'll keep the same pace this week and next week, I'll be in training all week, sitting on my bottom so definitely have to break away and walk.
If time permits, next week's goal is to burn 200 calories/ walking session

With this healthy eating and exercise, I start to notice the tire I carry around my waist has gotten smaller & my fat jeans are getting looser. It's about time to see some results because I was about ready to go out to lunch with my coworkers to day but I didn't.

Secondo had her 2 year old check up Monday and she's in the 35 percentile with weight, height, and head circumference. We saw a new Dr recommended by my friend at work and he's super nice. She was up to date with her shots so it was a pleasant experience for Secondo also. We're asked to cut down her milk in take to 16 oz/ day and switch to 1-2% skim milk.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Last week, I accomplished the following goals
  1. Walking 3 times a week & hit the gym 3 times a week ( Cardio and weight lifting). I observed some of the skinny or built folks are there at the gym every time I'm there.
  2. Healthy eating & didn't eat out with co workers.
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Reduce portions of rice and noodles
  5. Read non-food blogs
5 out of 6 is a good start. #5 is the easiest to do and #1 & 2 were the most challenging one. It requires meal planning in advance.

On Saturday, Hubby and I went on a date and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3. We didn't see #2 so the story line was a little confusing until the mid section of the movie. We stayed pass the credit but I don't think it's worth it.

Lately Secondo doesn't want to sleep @ 9:00 pm which is late for toddlers. I've asked the sitter to cut her nap down to 1 but she insisted that Secondo would pass out around 10AM. We would be in bed and sing barney's I love you song for the 10th time and she'll say " Mom, again... again.. I lub you.." If you don't sing, she'll scream "MOM, I LUB YOU!!" Her other stalling tactic is asking for water. "Mom, Agua.. agua.." Once I hand over the sippy cup, she would suck some out and spit it out and said " I'm wet... change shirt..." The nonsense went on until 11:00 pm.

To resolve this issue, I've been taking her for a walk around 7PM. She'll walk and run around the neighborhood until she asked to be held. Last night, we struggle for 30 min and she fell a sleep.