Friday, April 22, 2005

Bloody nose

In the 2nd & 3rd trimester of this pregnancy, I've been getting bloody nose more often. During winter, I attributed it to using the heater but now that we don't use the heater anymore, I still get it at least twice/week. 4 more weeks until the due date and hopefully bloody nose will go away once the baby is born.

Hubby and I had been training S to sleep in her own room this pass week. One of us would read her a story and put her to bed. She's doing OK for the most part. 2 nights ago, she woke up around 2:00AM saying her Pikachu clock was too loud so we took it out of the room. One night she complained about strange noises so we're taking baby steps.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

New tires

Recently I noticed my back left tire was balding so I told hubby that I need a new tire for my car. Hubby said that usually people get 2 new tires at once to balance the wear so we went to Costco and had the intention of buying 2 tires. We were contempalting which two to take out so we showed the tires to the mechanic, he said that all 3 tires were bald and recommended that we get 4 tires instead since it has to be even number. Hubby thinks that he's just being a salesman so he diagree with the recommendation. Me being conservative and not wanting to deal with changing flat tires on the freeway with a big belly agreed to buy all 4 new tires. Sold!
The bad part was that we had to wait for almost 2 hours for the installation so all 3 of us stroll inside Costco and ate lunch there. Pizza was really greasy but Myles liked their hotdog
Once the new tires were on the car, I noticed the contrast of how worn out the old tires were.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Amazing Race last night

Last night's episode was so stressful just watching it. I'm sad that Lynn and Alex are out but I have new respect for the black couple and they are my favorite and I hope they win. I put myself in Joyce's shoes and I would shave my head for a chance for $1M. She looked beautiful without hair and her husband was very supportive. I was hoping that more teams were going for fastforward but no one but the black couple did.
Apparently Amber and Rob's wedding will be aired on CBS sometime in May.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

5 more weeks to go

Visted my Ob today. She didn't make me wait too long. Baby's heart beat is strong and Dr thinks that her head has moved down which is a good thing.
Baby is active and likes to move right under my stomach. I asked S to sing and talk to her down low so that baby would swim down instead of staying up towards my voice. It actually worked.
I tried to recall the time when mom was pregnant with Bulleye, but I don't remember touching my mom's belly at all. On the day Bulleye was born, I was in 1st grade. I walked home by my self in the rain, rang our house door bell but no one answered. I stood there for a long time (for a 6 year old) and finally a stranger came and took me to her apartment. She was my mom's co-worker and I stayed with her until mom and baby came home from the hospital.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I don't like Dr's visit

I have another Dr's Appointment this coming Friday which I dread because they always have me wait in the lobby, and wait in the examination room for the Dr to see me for may be 5-10 min max. My last visit to the OB, she made me wait for 40 minutes in the room. I was ready to walk out the door and the nurse said "You are next.." I felt just like Seinfeld's dad in the episode where he flew all the way from Florida to see a back specialist who made him wait to be seen. While waiting he explored everything possible in the room, and couldn't stand it anymore so he opened the door and said " forgot about me.. I've been waiting for over 20 minutes. They are crooks!!"
Why do doctors or dentists treat patients as if our time is less valuable than their time? Is it because they schedule too many patients for the same time slot? Isn't that what appointments are for? If there's a doctor reading this blog, please explain this behavior.
Unfortunately, after 36 weeks, I'll be visiting my ob once a week. Urgh..

Almost forgot
Spin for 46 min.
Ave heart rate: 136 b/min
Cal burned: 345

Monday, April 11, 2005

Confession of a 5 year old

Lastnight, I was laying on the sofa watching TV and S decided to join me and laid next to me. I checked out her finger nail polish and made a comment.
Me: "S, your thumb seems to be flatter than before. Are you sucking thumb again?"
S: "Sometimes I forget..."
Me: "When do you forget?"
S: "At night.."
Me: "Every night?"
S: "Yeah.."
Me: " You know that you are eating nail polish when you suck your thumb."
S: Silence
Me" " I guess I'll call up jo-jo and ask him to stop sending you pokemon figurines"
S: Silence
I share this information with hubby and hubby said that he would pull her thumb out when she unconsciously sucks it at night.
Must think of away to prevent her from sucking at night.

Friday, April 08, 2005

33 weeks

7 more weeks to go and hopefully I'll go into labor naturally this time so no induction is necessary.
Baby is about 4 lbs and I have been feeling some tightening of the belly/contraction pass few days.
I was not able to sleep much last night. I had weird dreams about an exboyfriend and after I woke up, couldn't go back to sleep so I snuggle next to S and watch her sleep. She still looks like the way she was as an infant, sleeping with both arms over her head.
Curious to see how if the two girls will have similar features or totally different.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This pass weekend went by like a flash. Had to go in to work on Saturday and Sunday was mother inlaw's "house warming party" When we arrived at mother inlaw's house, I heard "Surprise!!!" My parents, my friends were there. I saw pink and purple baloons that has "It's a girl" printed on the surface. Apparently, my sister inlaw and hubby had been planning a surprise baby shower for the pass two weeks. Looking back, I realized there were some clues that were there but I didn't put pieces of the puzzle together.
We had lots of good Chinese and Vietnamese food but I didn't have my camera with me to share the moment.
Baby girl got lots of outfits and hubby got an toy race car (Display type).

Friday, April 01, 2005

Week 32

Had Dr. Appt for the 32nd week. Ob measured the baby and said that she isn't too big yet. I told her that this one kicks differently than S so they did an ultrasound which shows that the baby is laying horizontally instead of vertically with the head down. If she (a.k.a. secret) doesn't change position on her own, then the Ob will have to manually move her.
This weekend we are going to visit the hospital where I'll be delivering and S will attend a sibling class.

As far as Amazing race, I didn't watch the whole show but was surprised that Ray and Dena were eliminated even they were in 1st place in South Africa. Based on what I read, I missed lots of excitement with the car accident and stuff. Definitely a much better show than Survivor which is getting really boring. I like the gay couple, they work well as a team.