Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 4th of July

This morning I was annoyed that my polar was not reading my heart rate at the beginning of Cardio core and more.  By the middle of the class, it flew off my wrist so I just stuffed in my bra.
It stayed put with all the star jacks and air jacks that I was doing.
I was dripping with sweat and by the end of class polar showed 250 cal.  I took kickboxing after and hit 618 total for 1: 45 min workout.

I was super hungry after the workout so had a bowl of non-paleo Korean instant  spicy noodle with eggs for breakfast.  I promised to drink extra water to flush out all the MSG I consumed.

Time to hang out with the family and chill in this hot weather.

Cardio/Weights: 618 cal.

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