Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was hot as if we skipped Spring and jumped right into Summer weather. Hubby worked on Saturday, Danielle went to Legoland with her cousin and I took Secondo to the Cerritos Library to cool off. Secondo is more dramatic and loud than Danielle when she speaks and it was difficult for her to keep her voice low in the library. She acts differently when her big sis isn't around. She's more independent and complains less.
She's a rebel and refused to go on the potty when I asked her to do so. We have not made any significant progress since the journey began. She's going to turn 3 in May and I so hope that she'll be potty trained by then.
We went to the beach on Sunday and it was packed. We had to park on the side of the road instead of the parking lot and the best part is that Secondo is old enough to walk and I was able to carry beach gear while holding her hand. The water was too cold for me to go in but others were having a great time playing in the waves. I'm reading "The notebook" so I was able to read a good chunk of it under the beach umbrella while Secondo played in the sand. It's a touching love story that exists only in romance novels. One of my friend's parents are going through the same deal as the couple in the story and he's After the notebook I'll continue reading "The choice". After that, it's going to be "Angels and Demons" and "Prey" by Michael Crichton. My friend Andrea who takes the cycling class recommended "No time for good bye" by Linwood Barclay so I'm adding it to my list also.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sick kids

For the pass few days, Danielle had been coughing and complained about her throat being sore. Last night, she came in to my room @ 1AM letting me know that she couldn't sleep. I gave her some cough medicine and laid with her for 30 min. but she still couldn't sleep. Next thing I heard was Secondo crying "Mommy... Mommy!" so I went to her room. Her diaper was full so I changed her diaper and laid with her until she fell asleep and went back to check on Danielle who was still awake and said her throat was sore. I gave her some acetaminophen around 2 AM and hubby woke up and got ready to hit the gym. I fell asleep for 2 hrs and got up to go to the gym also @ 4:30 am. I was so hungry during my cardio workout and didn't have much energy. I only used up 332 calories using the Elliptical machine + some cable work. In short, none of us got much sleep last night except for Secondo. They are home with hubby today considering Secondo also has a cold.
At Danielle's school, she was supposed to wear black to show their lack of support on the budget cut proposed our governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. If the budget gets approved, class size will increase and there will be lay offs.
This week, I start to see some result from my hard work for the pass 6 weeks. I can fit in to my pre-pregnancy pants again. It's still a little tight, so loosing one more inch on the waist will make wearing those pants more comfortable. I've lost 3 pounds and % fat had gone down 1%. 0.5 lb/ week is slow compared to what biggest looser were able to loose weekly. It's amazing how the guys could drop 5-10 lbs / week and the black team ladies dropped 0-5 lbs/ week. Is it because the guys have so much more to loose or is it because Bob is a better trainer than Jillian?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March entry

Life has been more hectic at work and at home. In February, I started 4:30AM workout every Tuesday and Thursday so hubby would go @ 3:30AM on those two days. We've been going to bed by 8:30PM so we eat small dinner, homework, bath and bed. Our goals are to get 32 inch waist and hubby's waist line is already 31.5" from 33". He exercises 7 days a week and eats very strict diet. After 1 month, I'm not yet at 32 so I'm eating strict in March in hope to see some waist line shrinkage. I can't have larger waist than hubby. Strict means eat 5 small meals consist of lots of veggies and protein with small amount of good fat. I don't sleep well these days, I get up at least 3 times a night.

Yesterday I had a tough day. I craved for something sweet and really wanted coffee frappachino so instead, I had half of a sweet potato. I brought mango and gum today in case I wanted something sweet again. I noticed that I'm more hungry on the days that I hit the gym.

Danielle's birthday party was a success. 6 of her friends came over and they almost tore the house down. They played DDR, Wii, DS and made some dogs to take home. Secondo was possessive of one of the DDR pad and got stumped on several time while the girls were challenging each other. The girls wanted to play with our new dwarf hamster Cookie but Cookie is too aggressive to handle. She bit hubby's finger when hubby placed some food in the hamster maze. We did not invite our next door neighbor over for the party so it felt a bit awkward. Ever since we've started our healthy eating, we have not gotten together and share our meals. When we did get together, I was eating too much starch and larger portions.

Secondo's potty training is a two step forward one step back experience. On a good day, she'll go but when she's in a bad mood, she'll just go in her pull ups. As far as #2, she prefers to do it in the diaper. Pull ups are less absorbent than diapers and it doesn't bother her.
On a happier note, Secondo learned to sing the song "The way I am " from Ingrid Michaelson and portion of "No body's perfect" by Hannah Montana.