Wednesday, May 25, 2005

We are home

BTW, the Bathroom blog is from Bulleye. He's in Taiwan vacationing.
Our 2nd daughter, N was born on 5-17-05. My water broke on the evening of 5-16-05 so hubby and I went in to the hospital right away. When we arrived, the nurses hooked me up with IV, contraction monitors and baby monitors. All night my contractions were irregular and managable and I was only 3 cm dialated. (P.S. It requires 10 cm for the baby to come out naturally. By 6 AM the next morning, I was only 4 cm dialated so they decided that I need oxytocin to speed up the process. This is when the contractions were more intense and less managable so I've asked for an epidural. After the epidural I was able to nap and relax until the epidural started to wear off on my left leg so the Dr. injected some stronger medicine that make the left side completely numb. By 6:00PM I was 10 cm dialated and ready to push the baby out and the Dr. made it just in time.
N was born on 6:06 PM. Weight: 7 pound 15 oz. and 20 inches long.
She has a full head of hair like her sister.
It nice not to have a big belly anymore..

Thursday, May 12, 2005

38 Weeks

She finally turned (said the Dr) and her head is down. No wonder I felt more pressure on my bladder the pass few days.
Mom is coming over tonight and we may be having a baby tomorrow.
Stay tune.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

37 week visit

Went to the Dr yesterday and had ultrasound done on the baby. The technician showed me her chubby cheek which I'll have to take her word for it since it's hard to see anything with the ultrasound black and white. She's already 7.5 pound and growing. To not have to deliver a 9lb 9oz baby again, Dr is suggesting to induce labor on Friday the 13th. I'm not superstitious or anything but it doesn't sound like a good day to have a baby. We're thinking of may be Saturday the 14th?
She's transverse still so we don't know if her head will move down by then. Dr. is suggesting C section but I asked her if she can try manually moving the baby 90 so her head would be down. We'll see next week. I'm feeling more scared as I get closer and closer to the delivery date. My dream delivery would be a short labor, and natural delivery.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Funny daughter

Last night during dinner, she found these plastic semi circle container and placed it in her cup and pretended that it was some sort of dessert.
S: "Mom would you like some Philippinos?"
I didn't know what to say at first.
Me: "Philippinos is not a kind of dessert. Philippinos are people from the Philippines."
S: "You buy it when we go to the book store"
Me: " I did? "
S: " Yes.. you order Philippinos coffee drinks with whip cream on top"
Me: " Oh...That's called Frappachinos. Sounds close to Philippinos but it's FRAPpachinos."
We both started laughing..

Monday, May 02, 2005

Lack of time

Life has been super busy this pass week. I don't seem to have time to sit and ponder on what I've done.
Last Friday, I found out that my Ob will be on vacation from May 5th thru May 19th. Thanks for letting me know ahead of time lady. Now I got to meet the other doctors in the office who may be delivering my baby if the baby decides to arrive early. Urgh..
It's hard to start bonding with other Drs at the very last minutes. What can I do? It's beyond my control.. I liked the other office better in Valencia where I visit with all the Drs that practice in that office and get to know them before going into labor.
We moved the piano this weekend from my parent's house to our house. I'm looking into piano teacher for S. S said that she doesn't want to take lessons. I tried teaching her to use all her fingers but she refuses to take direction from me so piano teacher it will be. She doesn't take criticism well or she doesn't like me telling her that she's wrong.

On Saturday night right before bed, S asked for some chocolate chip cookies. I told her that we don't have any in the house and proceed to do other things. Later when we got ready to brush out teeth, she burst in to tears and I asked her what was wrong.
S: "I want some chocolate chip cookies..whoa.."
Me: "I can't magically have cookies in the house. We'll go to the store tomorrow and buy some OK?" I gave her a big hug.
S: "OK"
I didn't expect her to be unreasonable at 5 years old.
She drew several mother's day card for me but she won't let me see it. I asked her to draw one for my mom and her response was
S: " Why don't you draw it for your mom and I draw it for my mom."
She's got a point.