Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Transition to pre-school

This week is Secondo's 1st week at pre-school. She's with the older two's who are being potty trained. 1st day, the drop off was easy. I said good bye and she was busy playing with new toys. 2nd day, she didn't want me to leave so I sat with her for 10 minutes or so and had to leave her crying. By the time I dropped of Danielle, it was about 7:30AM. Today, I dropped of Danielle 1st so she won't be late for school when Secondo had separation anxiety issue. After dropping of Danielle, Secondo said "Mom, I don't want to go to school. I want to go to Amanda's house. I don't like my school anymore!"
Me: "We'll visit Amanda on weekends. Your new teacher will miss you if you don't go to school today."
Secondo: " I don't want to go to school. I want to go to Amanda house."
I didn't say much and drove her to school and she refused to go in to the building. When we got in to the class room she hugged me, cried and did not want to let me go.
Secondo: " I don't want to be in this classroom. I want the other class room."
Luckily, the two's teacher showed up so all the little ones were moved to the two classroom. I sat with her while she ate her apple and told her that I had to go to work in 5 min. When the time comes to leave, she cried and followed me out so I had to hand her over to her teacher and left feeling guilty for abandoning my child. I do recall having drop off issue with Danielle too and I would sit with her until circle time and sneaked out while they are singing.
When I called the school to check on her, the teacher said that she's doing fine.
I hope she'll do better next week during drop off.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Last week was Danielle’s spring break so she spent a day at work with me while she still thinks going to work with mom is fun and cool. After work, I took her in for her annual check up and her height and weight are in the 40 percentile. The Dr. asked her if she eats veggies and she said “I like carrots and corn.” which isn’t sufficient amount of veggies in her diet. She had been complaining about the arch of her foot hurting so I mentioned it to the Dr. Her pediatrician’s recommendation is to wear shoes with arch support such as New Balance instead of the vans shoes that she normally wears. Danielle was happy that she didn’t get any shots but she may need to have her cholesterol checked. I took her to Nordstrom on Sunday to shop for shoes and the store had only 1 pair of boy New Balance. Most of the girl shoes had no arch support except for 1 pair of Asics. She wore her new shoes today to school and I hope it alleviates some of the pain she had.

We went to Disney California Adventure last Friday with my parents and it was record breaking HOT day. First, we went on Soarin’ while hubby hung out with Secondo because she’s too short for the ride. Not knowing what to expect, everyone really enjoyed the ride and it felt as if I was flying on a hang glider. After we were done, I got 2 fast passes so Hubby can go on the ride later in the day. We went on Monster’s Inc. next and Secondo enjoyed that ride as much as Danielle. Afterwards, we saw the Aladdin Musical sitting on the very last row in the theater while mom and dad took a short nap. The Genie was the funniest character of them all with all his contemporary jokes that Danielle really liked. After the show, we walked over to fisherman’s Warf and had lunch. The line was long and not enough seating area with sufficient shade. After 40 minutes of waiting in line, we had clam chowder in sour dough bowl and Chinese chicken salads. As expected the meals were pricey and not tasty at all. I can’t wait to go back to SF and get the real clam chowder. After lunch, it was time for hubby to Soar with Danielle while the rest of us hung out by the bug’s land. We saw the 3D “It’s tough to be a bug” show and Secondo was terrified the whole time. When the spiders came down to the audience, she cried “Mommy, I want to get out of here now!” so we waited outside until the show was over. We got some strawberry lemonade sherbet and waited to reconnect with hubby and Danielle in the bumper cars area. We went on 2 more kiddy rides and Secondo was ready to go home. Mom and dad went home 1st while we walked around Downtown Disney looking for the Lego store. We made it as far as the pretzel shop, got a pretzel and a cold drink for the girls and headed back to my parent’s house for diner. Next time, we'll go at night when it's cool and hopefully less crowded.

With Secondo’s potty training, she’s able to pee on command ( every 2 hours) but if it’s up to her, she typically informed us after the fact. I bought the “Once upon a potty” DVD and she seemed interested in wearing underwear and being a big girl but can’t communicate the need to go until it’s too late. I’m taking her out of the home day care and will put her in a preschool so she’ll be with her peers who are also potty training. Her sitter is sad to let her go but it’s time for her to move on and learn to socialize with her peers.

As far as my workout, I’m still working out 4 days a week and sticking with it. It makes the weeks go by faster and I feel the improvement in my shrinking waist line. I’ve been watching the biggest looser to motivate me and when I’m running out of steam, I hear Jillian or Bob telling me that it’s my “last chance workout and don’t give up!”. I’m not intimidated by a 5K jog anymore and I’m able to run/walk 5K in less than 40 min. What motivated me the most was having an IPod with my favorite songs that keeps me going when I can’t go any more. I like sweating because it’s an indication that my body is working hard and it needs sweat to cool me off. I do need to find some good jogging bras with lots of support for the twins. For me, learning to eat healthy takes more discipline than working out. Making the right choice is still one of my biggest challenges but now I’m reading labels and aware of what goes in the pie hole. Staying in shape is a continuous process so mind as well enjoy the ride.