Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stomach issues

Warning! If you are eating lunch or dinner at the moment or don't have kids, you may not want to read this explicit entry about what mom goes through with their kid's unpredictable multiple bowel movements.
I stayed home with the girls yesterday because both of them had stomach problems. Danielle had stomach ache on Tuesday night right before bed and around 1:30AM, he woke hubby up and told him that it was still hurting. Hubby gave her some medicine, woke me up @ 2:00 AM to let me know what's going on. Early morning Wednesday, she was still hurting so she's staying home for the day.
In the mean time, Secondo had diarrhea since last Sunday. On Wednesday morning, she had 2 big ones before 6:30 AM. Needless to say, she stayed home also and produced more diarrhea through out the day that I've lost count. When ever Secondo ate some food, 2 minutes later, diarrhea attached. When ever I hear someone farted, I said " Who farted?"
Secondo would answer " I farted!"
Me: "Danielle, grocery bag quick! Secondo! let's check your diaper now!"
Danielle ran over with a bag in hand and saw what was in Secondo's diaper "Eeeuuu.. liquid peanut butter.. Stinks!"
Me: "Very much so.."
Secondo: " I have peanut butter in my diaper?"
Me: " No.. your poo poo looks like peanut butter"
Secondo: "Oh.."
She wanted milk badly right before bed and I had to be firm and said NO for at least 50 times. She finally gave up and cried her self to sleep. I did give her some soy milk this morning so I'm sure her baby sitter is suffering the consequences already. I'm so glad we did not start potty training yet or it would have been a big mess.

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's really been a while

Hello... anyone still check out this site? I've been so busy at work, at home that there's just no spare time to blog about the things that I wanted to share before the holiday. Another major reason that I have not been blogging is that at work, our wonderful IT department had blocked out all the blogs so I'm not able to post or read any blog anymore. Sigh... If you are still interested in checking in, I'll be blogging one a week from HOME so you can't stop me from blogging. There's also a way of emailing my blog so I'm going to look into it.
I don't even know where to begin. I took some pictures of the girls and ordered Xmas cards online last night for 2nd day delivery. As long as I send the cards out before Dec 25th, I'm not really that late. I still have a couple of things to get and I'm done with the shopping madness.
Yes, back in November I was trying to read the " English Patient". I really tried to listen and not fall asleep but my brain just can't get into the story. I'm going to rent the movie and watch it and hopefully, that will get excited about reading the book. I also tried to read "Saturday" by Ian Mcewan and can't finish that book either. The one book that I enjoyed and finished reading was "Da Vinci's Code" by Dan Brown. It's a short and exciting book compared to English Patient.
At the moment, I'm reading "Time Traveler's wife" by Audrey Niffenegger and enjoying it from the start. Time travel has always been one of my favorite topic.