Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bye Eric

Went home last night and and Eric was dead at the bottom of the tank. On the bright side, he lasted 3 weeks longer than our 1st fish.
P: "What should I get for my next pet?"
Me: "How about nothing?"
P:" I want a hamster or an iguana!"
Me: "We'll wait until you're older so you can take care of it."
Both kids got baptised last Sunday by the way. It was supposed to be for Sister Inlaw's boy but she said may be we should get Secondo baptised too at the same time. It wasn't planned and apparently it has been bothering my inlaws that our kids were not. Brother inlaw's comment is " Now they can dye in peace that all the grandkids are baptised so I didn't resist.
P: "What is the purpose of baptism?"
Me: " The priest said is to take away your original sin.."
P: " I don't have any sin !"
Me: "Ask your dad, I don't know why.."
P: " I thought mom knows"
Me: " Like you, I don't know much about original sin"
Hubby wasn't able to explain it either so hopefully it doesn't bother her that much.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Eric not doing well

This morning I found Eric floating sideways. Hubby said that he isn't eating his food. We got him beta bite but he doesn't really like it. What am I suppose to do?
Primero: "Is Eric dying? Is he going to be alive when I come home from school today?"
Me: "He doesn't look healthy and he's not eating. May be we'll buy a different kind of food for him"
Primero: " Can you talk to the man and Petco and ask him why Eric isn't eating and is dying?"
Me: "I'll do that today."

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Meet Eric

I tried but this is the best picture I took of Eric. It was hard to focus or I'm not good at taking pictures of fish. Hubby was laughing when he saw this picture.
We are happy that he is still alive and well. He likes to hang out at the bottom of the tank and blow lots of bubbles when he's on the surface of the water.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Eric, new addition to the family

We took Primero to the pet store yesterday and looked at the birds. She went in to this one small room that had 3 bird cages in it. It had Canary, Cockiteel etc. When she came out she said "It's stinky in there mom!" We talked her in to getting a fish instead so we got a purple beta fish. We learned that Beta is a good starting fish. Primero thought it was a girl but we informed her that all beta fish are male. She names him Eric. She's careful about feeding him so that he does not die due to overeating. She gives him 1-3 pellet/feeding. Hopefully it'll last 1 week.