Friday, July 29, 2005

Longest hour ever

Yesterday, S went in for surgery for her eyelids to remove stys or chalazions that has been getting larger over the pass month. Sty is fat glands that the body treats as a foreign matter and causes inflamation. She was afraid and kept saying that she didn't want surgery. Before the anasthesiologist gave her the gas, the nurse gave her a medicine that's suppose to make her sleepy. She didn't go to sleep but she was acting really silly. After the procedure, she told us that she saw mommy had 2 sets of glasses and nose etc..
The surgery took 1 hour and that was the longest hour ever. When the Dr. came out and talked to us, he said that he found a total of 7 stys. We asked as of what is the cause of sty and he thinks it's related to a high fat diet. He did 4 chalazion removal that same day. We hope that it doesn't come back but there's no guarantee. When we saw her in the recovery room, she was out and had lots of wires hooked up to her. Her eyes were puffy and bloody. We stayed in the recoery room for about 1 hour and we took her home.
When she saw her face in the mirror she asked "What happened? Why are my eyes so bloody?" She had no recollection of the procedure.
She has to stay indoor for 2 weeks and no swimming for 1 month.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

2 months check up

This pass Tuesday, Secondo had her 2 months check up. She weighs 11 lb and 10 oz which puts her in the 90 percentile. I had to take both kids to the Dr's office which is gettin easier everytime. At the office, we met another baby girl who was born 1 day earlier than Secondo but she's alot smaller in size.
She got 4 immunization shots so she was screaming bloody murder. Compared to S, Secondo didn't cry as long. After the shots, I gave her some breast milk and that calmed her down. When we got home she was crying more than usual so I gave her some infant tylanol to relief the pain.

S is quite jelous of her little sister. She feels that I spend too much time with Secondo which is true since I'm constantly feeding, burping and changing her diapers. I try to spend time with S when Secondo is sleeping but S knows that she's not getting the same type of one on one time as before Secondo was born.
By the time she goes back to school, things will be different.

S is taking swimming lessons and she's doing quite well. One of her classmate's mom freaked yesterday when she saw her son go under water. The kid was on the 2nd step of the pool is no deeper than 2 feet. I didn't see what happened since I keep my eyes on S. It was a big dramatic session, the mom cried, the teacher cried but the kid is fine. I think the mom over reacted and her son is in the wrong class. He should be in the 1st level class to learn the basic skills before moving on to the 2nd level. We'll see what happen today.