Thursday, April 29, 2004

Spinning does the body good

Exercise: Spinned for 40 min.

I did it. Today.. it was so.. hard to convince myself to go to the gym today. Hundreds of reasons (excuses) came to mind but I went because I've paid $1.00 to reserved a bike. Note that It's a very popular class and if I don't pay, I don't get to spin.
Overall, it was good. The instructors played some Michael Jackson songs, Earth winds and fire, old stuff. I enjoy spinning more when she plays hip hop and latin music.

What did I learn today? I learned that exercise is good for me so I'm planning to incorporated in my life more than twice a week.

Thurday..Survivor night :)

Forgot my journal at home so.. the other option is to use the blogger.
It's been a really busy and hectic week for me at work. Plan A is not panning out so working on the others + lots of pressure from mgmt. I'm staying positive.

The 4 good things of the week are as follow:

A) I'm glad that I planned out the dinner menu for this week and went grocery shopping for all the ingredients. Thank you HB for not saying "again?" when I mentioned " I'm going grocery shopping on Sunday" It helps reduces the stress level when there's a plan to execute. Thank you LB for insisting I have a plan for everything.

B) I really enjoy the menu chalk board that was intended for decorating the kitchen. The pleasant surprise is that it also functions as a communication tool for hubby, the kid and I.

C) I also realized that all the stress build up on my shoulder lately because I have not taken the time to journal. Journaling helps keep me sane so I will go back to journaling and yoga to find serenity.

D) I'm glad that Mir had some time to post on Dimsum Diaries and did not completely abandon it.

Below is what I learned from Jeff & Jer (San Diego DJ's) a while ago and working on implementing in my daily life.

1) What exercise did I do today? 45 bench push ups
2) What did I learn? hmmm...nothing yet.
3) Kind action I did? I delivered someone else's coat