Sunday, June 30, 2013

Time for change: Continuous improvement for the mind and body

My polar watch strap broke a month ago so I have not been tracking how many calories I burn and just went by how I feel.  Today, I decided to use my heart rate monitor since I could place it on the bike when I cycle.  I learned that in Ron's class, my heart rate doesn't go any higher than 156 bpm and I burnt only 370 cal in that class.  Back in the days when I took Dave's class, I burned in the range of 550 to 600/ class. This could be because I did not have enough resistance on my bike or my heart rate is lower now that I am older.
During body pump class, I was really bothered by my belly hanging out when I was doing deep swats.  There's no hiding of the muffin top effect when the weigh gain occurs in the mid section of the body. I was able to hide it with workout clothes but when my belly is hanging out as much as the pregnant lady behind me, I need to change the way I eat.
I lost 15 lbs back in July 2010 and  I've been slowly gain the weight back since.  As of today, 3 years later,  I gained back almost 12 lbs of those 15 lbs.
I tried joining the biggest looser at work as motivator for weight lost in February but I only lost 4 lbs in 3 months.
It's amazing to see the transformation of one girl in the gym lost 25 lbs in 6 months.  She inspired me to get back on track.
Today is the beginning of my eating healthy/getting back to my goal weight.

Strategy for week one 6/30/13.

  1. Increase water intake: I've been drinking coffee instead of water.  Some days I drink may be 12 oz at work and 12 oz at home so must get back on track by drinking more water or tea.  Goal: 72 oz/day
  2. Bring my own lunch 4 out of 5 days of the week.  Better portion control when I bring my own food instead of eating out. Kale salad, dinner left overs etc...
  3. Target calorie intake to be 1500/ day
  4. Eat brown rice instead of white rice: It doesn't taste as good so I eat less of it.
  5. Increase activities:  Currently 3 hrs/week so will increase to 4 hrs/week for week one.  Calorie goal: 600 cal/workout so total output goal: 2400 cal/week.
  6. Make my self accountable by posting my calorie burn.
Sunday's workout sets the stage for the whole week.  The fact that it's July 4th weekend, I will be able to workout at least 4-5 times.
  • Cycle & Body pump: 682 cal.
Who wants to join me in this journey to weight loss?