Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer is almost over

We went back to school shopping yesterday and I can't believe my oldest will be a 4th grader in less than 1 month. Besides weight gains & gray hair, children's key milestones are indicators that I'm not aging gracefully as I had hope to do. OK. enough about me and back to shopping.
We got school supplies, some clothes, & socks for Danielle so Secondo complained that it's not fair that I was buying lots things for her sister and not her. Danielle firmly told Secondo that the purpose of the trip was to buy school supplies for Danielle and Secondo will get to do the same when she's in 1st grade. There are still some items on the list I missed such as
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Reams of papers
  • Graph paper
  • Basic calculator
I'm a bit concern about Secondo's confidence in her self because it's being crush on a regular basis by my first born by calling her a baby or teasing her that she can't read or write correctly yet. Before having my 2nd child, I was imagining that with the age difference between the two, the oldest would care more for the younger sister and not be little her at any opportune moments.
I don't recall being that mean to my younger brother.