Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall post

I'm sorry about not posting anything lately. I went back to school in September to get my "Lean six sigma greenbelt" certification so time is even more precious now than ever. I hope I'll have more time after November when the class is completed.

What happened after my last entry?
  1. Cookie our hamster the third died so Danielle is working hard persuading hubby and I to get her a new one daily & hourly. Hubby came up with a system where Danielle would collect hamster points if she cleans her room and keeps it clean, picks up after her self and sorts her own laundry. When she earns up to 250 Hamster points then we'll bring one home.
  2. Danielle is in 3rd grade and she's learning multiplication tables at the moment. She's also learning to use the computer. From the back to school night meeting, the teachers told us that our kids will be able to use PowerPoint to present their work by the end of school year. She's also envious of her classmates who have laptops in class to use when she had to share with other class mates using the desktop. I won't spend $2000 for a laptop for a 3rd grader. I asked her to save up her money from Christmas and Chinese new year. Hopefully by the time she's in 5th grade, she'll save enough money to get a laptop. Reading wise, she's reading the Beverly Hills Chihuahua and any dog related books.
  3. Secondo started preschool this fall in a new school so drop off was a little difficult the 1st 2 weeks. She loves the fact that I pack her lunch in her princess lunch pail. When I asked her what she did in school, she replied: "I went to chapel, ate lunch, go night night and come home" I guess those were the important milestones in a day of a 3 year old. She only wear dresses to school and the weather is getting cold. She's taking ballet class on Saturdays and is really enjoying it.