Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day & Pre-school week 4

I. Mother's day
Belated Happy Mother's Day to my dearest readers who are hard working moms. I like Kate's quote from "Jon & Kate plus 8 " "I love mother's day and we should celebrate it one a month." When ever I watched that show, I fell blessed with having only 2 kids instead of 8. On mother's day, she got breakfast in bed, and went to the spa. For my mother's day, I went to the gym as usual and when I got home, Secondo yelled "Surprise!". Hubby got me some purple and yellow tulips and a bird house for our backyard garden. Danielle gave me recipe book she made from school. She had a melt down because Secondo colored all over the Mother's day card that she was making for me. She told me that she wished that she was the only child. Ever since, Secondo discovered markers, she loved to color everything she got her hands on. She colored my binder cover, books, papers, bills, & Danielle's homework. After lunching on some left overs, I went for a nap while hubby played with Secondo. I enjoy a relaxing and low key Mother's day where I didn't do too many chores.
On Saturday, we had a potluck lunch with hubby side of the family. It was supposed to start @ 12PM but we were running late getting there so we didn't eat until 2 PM. After a big lunch, I played Mario Kart on Wii with the kids and it was entertaining in a stressful way. I drove too fast and fell of the cliff a couple of times and I felt tired and sweaty after a couple of races.
Around 6PM, we went to my parent's house, hung out a bit before taking my mom & dad out for Thai Dinner. We went to Thai BBQ & Noodles in Cypress for the 1st time and we really liked it. The best dish we enjoyed were their Panang Beef and generous portion of Beef Sate. Pad Thai was a little too sweet and the kids loved the fried rice. After dinner, we went home and Secondo had 2 melts down on the freeway. First, the bow on the back of her dress was bothering her so we had to stop at Mickie D and take her dress off. After we got back on the freeway, she had to go pee pee. She was wearing pull up so I told her that it's OK to pee pee in her pull up because there's no potty on the freeway. She refused to do so and cried " I got to go pee pee!" until we stopped at a book store near Irvine. After she peed, we had a peaceful ride home with both kids sleeping in the car.
II. Secondo
As far as pre-school goes, Secondo is making progress with not crying during drop off. I sit with her for 5 min while she's eating her breakfast and she's more comfortable when some of her two year olds friends are there. Mondays and Fridays are tough because the 2 year old teacher doesn't get there until 8:30AM. Secondo likes the 2 year old teacher and showed more independent when she's around. When we get home she liked to do reverse roll play where I was Secondo and she was Mommy.
S: " OK Secondo, I have to go to work now so don't cry when I say bye and make mommy sad"
M: " But mom, I don't like this class room. I want to go to Ms G's class room."
S: " I'll stay for 5 more minutes and I'll have to leave for work."
M: "OK mom. I'm not going to cry"
She is wearing underwear to school now because she's able to tell her teacher when she has to do #1. Unfortunately, #2 is still difficult to for her to let us know before the fact. I hope to god that she'll get #2 under control before Summer is over.
I'll be busy preparing for her birthday party this coming weekend. I made the her a Dora banner and she really liked it.
III. On Exercise
I decided to participate in the Camp Pendleton Mud run in October with some co-workers from work. It's a 10K run in mud, hills and etc. I consulted my friend Carolyn who runs all the time and she gave me a program to train with. Today, I did the tempo run on the tread mill where I warmed up 5 min on the treadmill and then run @ 6.0 pace for 1 min and slowly work it up to 0.25 miles with an incline of 1.0. I covered 2.7 miles in less than 30 min. Before the mud run commitment, I used to do intervals @ 5.0 incline & walk @ 4.0 pace for a song and run @ 5.0 incline & run @ 5.2 pace for a song. I was able to complete 3.1 miles in 40 min. My goal is to complete the race in 75 min or less.