Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Out of touch

It's been so long since my last blog. I felt that all of us are blog less and less now days and don't really stay in touch as we've had intended when this all got started.
My guess is bulleye is busy with his new Job, Hendog is busy smoking cigar with his wife and I'm eager to find some time to my self( other than going to the bath room).
Secondo is 10.5 months now and she's very active and demanding.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Primero's new school

Went and visited her elementary school recently and gotten the form for getting in the 1st grade. Can't believe she's going to be a 1st grader. I still remember the day that she was born in my arm with her long lashes.
The enrolment package is quite extensive. I'll try to have hubby fill out the form. I also want to make an appointment to meet the principal of the school and understand his philosophy on education. This will be a new environment for her so some adjustment will take place. Apparently, some kids bring their personal apple laptop to school and do their homework on the computer. I hope it's not mandatory because I want her to learn to write and have nice penmanship and also learn to type.