Sunday, September 18, 2005

Secondo 4 months old

I finally can eat again after 2 weeks of suffering.
Here's is Secondo @ 4 months old. I blurred the background to bring out her face. She can turn to her tummy by accident but not turn back. She weighs 15.5 lb, that puts her in the 90% tile. She got 5 immunization shots but didn't cry as much this time. Her pain tolorance level is high because she accidentally scratches her ear and her face all the time until they bleed and it did't bother her. She sucks both her thumbs depending which side she faces.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Can't eat

I bit the right side of my tougue several days ago and now it so swolen that eating is such a painful task. I tried to rinse my mouth with salt water but it's taking time for it to heal.
Went for a massage this pass Saturday and she said that my body has too much hot chi and one of the sign the body has too much hot chi is formation of cold sore.
I've been eating watermelon to cool my body and it's not working yet. Sigh..