Monday, February 16, 2009

Mid Feb Update

Happy Birthday President Lincoln!
After reading Sundry and Eclectic, I felt guilty about not keeping my promised of monthly blogging. Being that it's President's day, the kids were snuggling in their own bed when I left them for my morning commuting in the rain to go to work. I so wish I was not working today.
We had a busy weekend celebrating Valentine's day & Danielle's Birthday. I still can't believe my 9 lb 9 oz baby turned 9 years old yesterday. I still remember vividly the night we went to the hospital for induction because she refused to leave my belly on her own term. Now she's an independent young lady who doesn't need me and some times talks back and want to have the last word.
When I went to 99 Ranch market on Saturday for 2 hrs, Secondo had a gum in hair incident. Since hubby was in charge, I wasn't able to get the story from either party. Instead of using peanut butter to remove the gum from her long hair, hubby chopped of 6 inches of hair to remove the gum.
To celebrate her birthday, we had a sleep over with 2 of her best friends. They went to see a hotel for dogs, played games and talked until they drifted off to sleep. Secondo wanted to participate but was kicked out by the older girls who wanted their privacy. Over time, they did include Secondo when they play house where Secondo was their cat name princess. On Sunday, her cousin came over and they played mostly video games.
Danielle has an oral presentation coming up and she hasn't decided on the subject yet. My guess is it will be either about dogs or hamsters
Secondo loves to add "though" at the end of the sentences lately. She'll say "But Mom.. I like to eat ice cream before dinner though." or " I'm too full to eat dinner though". She had her 1st ballet recital in January. She did not do the steps that she rehearsed but it ended in less than 3 minutes. I'm not sure how much she's really learning but she enjoys going to her ballet class.