Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas is around the corner

I'm delighted to present a new member of the family to you, our 4th hamster Cinnamon, I think that's what her name is.. Mom & Dad bought Danielle a new hamster the day hubby and I went to Camp Pendleton for the mud run. She was really happy, and excited about having a new pet to care for. Our laundry room is again filled with the smell of hamster urine in the air. Danielle's solution is to bring her small portable fan with her when she visits Cinnamon.
We spent Thanksgiving with hubby's family on Thursday and drove to Las Vegas on Friday and spent Thanksgiving with my parents. Traffic was horrible and there were so many people on the streets. I had the impression that we were in resession and people barely have enough money to sustain the basic. Hubby and I ate buffet dinner at the Cravings within Mirage and it was a disappointment. For $35/person, Sushi bar was mainly rice with seaweed and kings crabs were tasteless. Luckily, the seabass was edible and they were serving wonton soup. The casinos & shops were full of people and smoke. We stayed at the Mirage and the kids were happy playing in the hotel room. I realized that Vegas isn't the best place to bring kids or hubby and I. We drove back on Saturday and traffic was bad. It took us 6 hours to get back to the OC. We had pho noodle soup at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant Thanh and the whole bill was about $35.00.