Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Back Dorm Boys

Here's the link to Tian's blog with back dorm boys who are really funny. Primero's favorite is the third one from the bottom titled "Radio in my head" (Yellow and white shirt).

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Saturday night, Primero woke me up @ 3 AM saying "Mom, I can't sleep... my tummy hurts.." I laid with her in the bed for a good half hour and now both of us couldn't sleep. I noticed my stomach wasn't feeling so hot either as I laid awake. Long story short we both felt better and went to sleep after we threw up and brushed our teeth. I thought we had food poisoning from my chicken carrot soup but Hubby thought that we got the flu.
On Sunday, Primero started to have fever and felt lethargic and didn't want to eat fearing that she'll throw up again. I showed her the back dorm boys video from Mir's page to cheer her up.
Today she's feeling better and she was trying on old slipper that is too small for her.
Me: "Are you trying to be Cinderella's step sister and force your feet into the slipper that's too small?"
P: "So I can marry the prince?"
Me: "You don't want to marry a prince"
P: "Why?"
Me: "There's no prince in America.."
P: "What about New Jersey?"
Me: "There's no prince there either. ((With an British accent) You may go to England and marry prince William"
She covered my mouth with her hand not wanting to listen to my bad British accent.
I feel bad that we didn't get a tree this year. She asked if we can get a tree on Friday so we'll see what happens.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Xmas shopping

I find that giving gift cards is the best way to do Xmas shopping but others argue that gift cards are bad because I didn't put any thought in to the give and the person is only worth X dollar amount. Coming from the Chinese background where I got money in the forms of Red envelope, I think it's a great idea.
Pros to giving gift cards or cash
1. They don't have to return the gift that they may not like
2. I spend less time wondering around malls guessing what people want

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Glad to be home

This is what it looks like after 7-8 inches of snow from the night before. I was told that the snow is powdery, not good enough for building snow ball or snow man. I wanted to make snow angels on the ground but didn't bring the right type of clothing.
Got back from KCI late late Thursday night and by the time I got home the kids were fast asleep.
At the Airport, I met one retired man from OC who went to Missouri pick up his hunting dog from training. He sat by the window hoping to see the dog being uploaded in cargo area. I asked if it would be cold down in the cargo area. He said that Midwest has the best set up for pet and the dog will be comfortable during the flight. He also told me that it cost an extra $75 when the pet travels with a person but it'll cost $400 if the pet was to travel alone.
On the plane I sat next to a computer programmer who travel every other week to Kansas and visit client. Once he knew I was Chinese, he asked me what I know about Qi-gong and Tai-Chi. I found out that he's been practicing Qi-gong and we chated about yoga, kids and differences between airlines during the long ride home. As we landed on the ground, he called his wife right a way and found out about the Southwest incident in Chicago killing a baby girl. We were both glad that we arrived safely and able to go home to our family.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

First snow of the year in Kansas

I'm in Kansas right now it snowed today. It's 11 degree F outside now but windchill is -10F and good news to all students: "No schools tomorrow". As I watched the news there were accidents on the highways just like us Californians not knowing how to drive during rainy season. Forecast says 7" of snow tonight. Beautiful, just like what you see in the movies but cold and slippery.
Note to self: Next time bring scarf, gloves, heavy winter coat and boots.