Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Immunization & stuff

I had good Friday off and so did daughter so what did we do together? We went to a new pediatrician and had her 5 year old check up. She doesn't like going to the doctors and retaliate if I prep her a head of time. I told her that we were going to the doctor for the baby but when we were in the office, and the nurse called S's name, she said "Why is she calling my name and not you or the baby's?"
She did great during the check up but not so well during the immunization shots. She got 5 shots + TB test. When the nurse gave her the shot she didn't say anything or make any sound. Once the nurse left the room, she was started to cry. The doctor had requested urine and hemoglobin test where they will draw blood. I decided not to do those test on the same day since she had been poked 6 times already. She was fine afterwards. I hid some eggs in the back yard and she went hunting for them. She also likes to hid the eggs and at this age she's able to hid green eggs in green background so it's not so easy to find. I recalled when she was 2 years old. She would hid the eggs in very obvious places and easily found.
My friend P & G came for visit on Saturday and P was sharing with me how G was really good at finding easter eggs.
I asked G
Me: "How old where you when you were really good at finding easter eggs?"
G: " Oh.. I was in my twenties."
Me: "You are kidding me."
P: " No, I thought it was strange that when I joined his family that they expected me to go easter egg hunting with heels and everything"
Me: "Interesting.. No wonder you were so good at finding them"

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cord Blood Banking

With all the reserch on stem cell, I went on the web and looked into cord blood banking. On the website there was no information on how much it actually cost to bank embilical cord blood so I called them.
Me: "Can you give me an estimate cost for cord blood banking?"
Salesman: "We are running this March special where you get $250.00 off if you sign up in March. It cost $95 and 1595 which include the collection kit etc.."
Me: "It's $95 to sign up and $15.85/month for storage?" (In my mind, it's not as expensive as I thought)
Salesmaan: " NO... It's fifteen hundred and ninty five dollars to enrole and Ninety five dollars per year for the next 18 years"
Me: "Oh.. Let me talk to my husband and get back to you."
Apparently, the blood will be stored it Arizona.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Watched the 1st half of Amazing race 7 and was annoyed by Rob and Amber barely making the 1st flight which eventually lead them to the 1st place urgh..
I don't recall hating Rob and Amber as much when they were on Survivor.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

After spinning

Spinning is getting harder every week. I left class early since my bladder was being sit on, I was feeling contraction on the right side of my belly and I was hungry. The baby isn't really ripe until 38 weeks so must take it easy for 7 more weeks. For some reason she is very active today when I'm sitting down working. Are you not comfortable in there? Not enough room for you?
It's weird to think that I'm a host for this human being for 7 months already.
Sister inlaw lend us the book "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown. She said it's better than Da Vinci Code.

Week: 31

At this point, I feel like I'm carrying a watermelon with me and waddle everywhere I go. According to the prenancy book I'm reading, the baby weighs about 3.5 pounds. She likes to move and kick when I'm driving or at night when I'm trying to sleep. She won't move when hubby or daughter put their hands on my belly.
I'm still spinning once or twice a week but I've modified the workout so my heart rate doesn't go way high. I still burn ~400 calories/ session. I sleep better on the days that I spin.
Remember I blogged about this older lady name J from the locker room who didn't remember me? Well.. one day, she was telling me how she got a great deal on a bathing suit at Costco. I told her that I'll look into it so that I can swim during this pregnancy. Eversince that day, when I see her in the locker room, J would asked " Hi Sam, did you get the bathing suit yet?
Me: "No.. I didn't get a chance to go shopping yet."
I found out that she has a job as a Senior companion and one of her job is to take seniors with alzheimer disease to the movies. She highly recommend "Diary of a mad black women" but she didn't like "Sideways".

Monday, March 21, 2005

Breaking the habit: Day 30

It's hard to believe it was a month ago when we started the "Stop thumb sucking" program. Thanks to all the grand parents who help reinforce and support the process. It does take a village to raise a child. I don't believe daughter was emotionally ready until a month ago. We tried it when she was 2 years old and it didn't work at all. So far she is doing great and hopefully she will have continue success for another month.
I asked her time to time if it's getting easier everyday for her. She said that during nap time is easier but at night it's harder for her to resist the urge. I do noticed that at night when she's trying to fall asleep she has her thumb in the ready to suck position but she set her arm on the side. Now when she's awake she jumps out of bed where as before she would snuggle with green bear and suck her thumb and falls back to sleep.
We are attending a sibling class to get S emotionally prepared for a new sister. I heard from many people that when the baby arrives and we get visitors for the baby, we should asked the visitors to pay attention to S upon their arrival instead of asking for the baby. This way S will not resent the baby.

I heard through the grapevine that my aunt who lives in Taiwan, who is the same age as Bulleye just had a baby girl on Big Bluff's wedding day. Congrats!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Missing my baby

When I was in Kansas City, Mo for business Monday night, the local vendor we visited took my colleague and I to Jack Stack BBQ. I had the burnt ends, BBQ Pork ribs and hickory pit beans. It was a truly delicious meal. I found out that I can order online so that got me really excited.
During dinner, we were chatting about families and I heard country music in the background. It reminded me of our recent trip to Fresno where S would request for country music and sing along until she falls asleep. One of her latest favorite is Martina McBride’s God’s Will. When I heard that song in Kansas City, I wish she and hubby were there with me. I really missed her. When I got back to the empty hotel room, and called her on the phone.
S: "Where are you mommy?"
Me: "I’m in Kansas City"
S: "Where is Kansas?"
Me: "Farther than Fresno"
S: "When are you coming home?"
Me: "Tomorrow..."
I felt sad for a moment then hubby got on the phone and said that I'll be home in no time. After watching the Contender on MSNBC, I tried to sleep but the baby very active and not letting me rest no matter what position I tried. Eventually I dozed off and was woken up by a morning call.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Amazing Race 6

I watched Amazing Race last night and Boston Rob is such an ass. I don't like how he plays the game and I'm glad that he's 5th now. I'm cheering for the gay couple to maintain their lead.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Crazy Week and Weekend

This pass week has been super busy for me. We drove up to Fresno for a wedding and just got back tonight. The groom and the bride had lots of friends and family in town so I can see the stress on their faces. It was a beautiful wedding and S had a great time dancing and playing with the other kids.
Last night, we took S to Mc Donalds after the wedding reception since she didn't eat much at the reception. By the time we went to bed it was at least 10:30PM. When I was fast asleep, I don't know what time it was, I heard bulleye's voice outside my hotel room calling the bride on the cell phone. He put her on the speaker speaking with another Japanese lady so I heard the whole conversation in Japanese which I didn't understand, At the same time, I smelled this strong cigarette smell coming into our room. Was it real or was it a dream?
I'll post some pictures once they are downloaded but posting will be light this week.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Breaking the habit: Day 14 & Shopping

Daughter is doing well after 2 weeks. I was abit worried last Friday when she spent the day with Mother In-Law because MIL tends to give in to what ever the grand kids demand. My conversation with Daughter Thursday night
Me: "Tomorrow, when you go to ba noi's (Paternal grandma in Vietnamese) house, are you going to suck your thumb when you nap?"
S: "Noi tells me it's OK to put the thumb in my mouth.."
Me: "If she tells you that, you say to Noi that you're dentist asked you to stop thumb sucking because it's bad for your teeth and If you decide to suck your thumb tomorrow, we're not getting any Pokemon this Saturday."
Me: " So.. are you going to suck thumb at ba noi's house?"
S: " No."
When hubby and I were alone, I asked hubby to ask MIL to help with this critical mission. According to hubby, she was cooperative and granted our request.

Bulleye had ordered daughter a bunch of Pokemon figurines so that will keep the reward/ positive reinforcement for a while but how should I end this reward program? I can't continue to buy her toys every week. I'm tired of seeing Pokemon everywhere in the house.

On a different note, we went clothes shopping at a Maternity store, Motherhood this weekend. I tried on different outfits and no matter what I try, I can't conceal the fact that I'm huge, big, and pregnant. Hubby was patient enough to give me input as I tried different outfits and the sales clerk chimed in trying to be helpful as I was showing hubby this top that I was trying on.
Me to hub: " What do you think?"
Hub: "It looks good"
Me: "Should I get it?"
Sales Clerk: " It looks great on you. Are you pregnant?"
Me in my mind : "Of course I'm pregnant! Can't you see this basketball I'm carrying? Why would I shop here if I wasn't? She thinks I'm fat and that's why I shop at this store stupid store. Urgh.."
Me to the Clerk: " Yes..." with an annoyed look on my face, I waddled back to the dressing room steamed.
She was telling hubby that she made the mistake assuming that one customer was pregnant when she wasn't and the clerk didn't want to make that again.
I was offended because she didn't think I was pregnant and that she thought I was just a fat person shoping at the maternity store.
After I cool off and think about the situation, I can't deny the fact that I am fat and pregnant and that's why I shopped there. That's also another reason why I'm not looking forward going to Big Bluff's wedding this coming weekend. With all the things he has to worry about that day, he probably won't know that I'm there or not. Hmm...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dr. Visit & Amazing Race 7

Went to the my ob today and had my 7 month check up. Everything is progressing as it should. I heard the baby's heart beat and it was beating strong and @ 140 beats/min. Dr. said that I should not travel after March 15th incase the baby decides to arrive early. The baby's movement is more obvious and hard to ignore now days.

Last night during dinner hubby told me about Rob and Amber being on Amazing Race 7 and I couldn't believe it. Out of curiosity, I watched part of the show. I'm not sure about the rule but it was not fair that this stranger who recognized them from Survivor escorted them get to playa de Hermosa where as the other contestants did'nt have that option. Doesn't he know that they won $1 Million already. I really don't want to see Rob and Amber win this race.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Breaking the habit: Day 8

Daughter has been doing well with breaking her habit. As reward for staying with the program, on Sunday, we took her to get the Pokemon she had been dreaming about, Minun. Unfortunately, the single Minun that was there last week was gone. She was quite disappointed when she didn't see Minun. She searched all the shelves and wasn't successful.
S: "Some other kid liked Minun just like me and bought it before me?"
Me: "Yes, some other kid bought it."
There were two other pokemon that she could choose from so she picked Treeko.
Now she has a different routine for going to sleep so that helps.
Because of her thumb sucking, she doesn't have a tight bite on her front teeth. She uses her side teeth to tare food. She thinks that when she stop sucking her thumb, the gap between her top and bottom teeth is getting smaller everyday so I go along with it.